Jerome Farah

At the heart of the music from Jerome Farah there exists a multi-faceted and unique set of experiences that have propelled the award winning producer and musician on a creative expedition relentless in its ambition and honesty.

The son of a Lebanese father and a Zimbabwean mother, Jerome Farah’s personal journey of navigating culture and identity finds itself organically woven throughout his musical journey. His music celebrates his heritage while acknowledging the struggles that have proven to be touchstones of his young adulthood. From growing up in suburban Melbourne, influenced by a global palette of music cultures to now, making music that is defined by strong character and sense of self, Jerome’s path has been one of unique lessons learned.

From the beginning of his career, Jerome felt a strong connection to performance and the arts. Originally a dancer, Jerome’s transition into the music world was a natural one as he developed a voice that has now become synonymous with that kind of intoxicating energy a music fan can’t help being drawn in by.

Working with the likes of Adrian Eagle, Baker Boy and Kian, Jerome has been part of Australia’s young vanguard pushing new ideas and concepts forward in the realms of R&B and alternative hip-hop. His other credits include work with artists including Dallas Woods (‘Hoodlum’), Adrian Eagle (‘17 Again’, ‘A.O.K’, ‘Caught Up’), Tobiahs (‘Sculpted’) and KG (‘Superwoman’).

Jerome’s work with Kian as co-writer and co-producer on the latter’s breakout single ‘Waiting’ quickly landed the producer and multi-instrumentalist on a national platform. The single – now 2x Platinum – earned an ARIA Award nomination in 2019 for Song of The Year, while winning two APRA Awards in 2020 for Most Performed Australian Work of the Year and Most Performed Alternative Work of the Year.

Having cut his teeth as a live performer and artist for over five years now, Jerome’s innate desire to tell his stories and bring more listeners into his growing community of music lovers has strengthened as his musical identity and vision has come together.

Dashes of R&B meet licks of funk and pops of vibrant soul, Jerome Farah’s solo music encompasses the exciting nature of Australian music in 2020.

The gaze once solely cast on the American and UK markets is now becoming more focused on Australian artists and beneath it, Jerome is thriving in his eclecticism and desire to create music that stands the test of time.

The artist emerges in 2020 as a name to watch for many but for those who have been following this young creative’s moves in the industry over recent years, Jerome Farah is a name already making its mark.