Coromandel born but residing in Raglan since he was a kid, Muroki has always lived near the waves — a defining backdrop to this 20 year-old’s sound.

With his latest single — purely coincidentally titled Wavy — the young singer is now poised to break out as he rides into the Top 5 on NZ radio and Shazam.

Muroki’s vocals catch your undivided attention — his voice is a smooth and hypnotic instrument entwined with effortless melodies that can melt even the toughest. This is someone you don’t want to be late on as Muroki is set to take your heart.

His sound caught the ear of Benee early on. She played Muroki’s mesmeric debut track ‘For Better Or Worse’ on Elton John’s Apple Music radio show and soon Muroki was the first signing to her new Olive Music label.

Muroki then joined Benee on her sold out NZ tour and featured on the track ‘All The Time’ on her debut album. By early 2021, Muroki had released his debut six track EP Dawn on Olive and things were moving quickly to where we are today with his sound reaching a wider audience every day.

“I first heard Muroki’s music when I was on tour in Australia last year and I was listening to him every day at one point!” says Benee. “I love his voice soooooo much — it’s so smooth and soulful. Then I met him at 121 Festival in March. Muroki’s such a sweet and genuine guy, just the sort of artist I’d  like to work with.”

Muroki plays music, surfs, skates and brews a good coffee for Raglan locals. Between lockdowns in 2020, he had a brutal stint planting trees through the Whāingaroa winter, making enough cash to allow him space and time to write music. And write music he did.

Even at his young age, Muroki is already a musician’s musician — brimming with talent and soul far beyond his years. He started learning guitar as an 8 year old, and with the guidance of his blind guitar teacher, he’s been on a unique journey with his craft ever since.

On visits to his family back in Kenya, Muroki picked up new influences and flavours from music in the streets of Nairobi.

His multifaceted silky and rhythmic grooves have strong ties to his surfing background, blending sounds from South America to Africa and back to the West.

Working in the studio alone and with a diverse set of collaborators and preparing for a summer of live shows — hopefully not interrupted like last summer’s skateboarding accident which left him with a broken arm — Muroki is gearing up to catch his next wave…. and with talent like his we suspect this one is going to be a bomb. Check the horizon now.