The Pinheads

Born out of friendship, bowling, sci-fi movie marathons and literal brotherhood,The Pinheads formed out of what is now colloquially known as the Leisure Coast, spread out among the northern suburbs of the Illawarra and Wollongong region.

They quickly established themselves as one of the area’s must-see live bands no mic stand was left unturned no face left unmelted ,no speaker stack was left unclimbed

Fans don’t leave Pinheads shows with fond memories–they leave with battle scars and folklore tales to last the ages.

The Pinheads reside with in a stylistic purgatory–too weird for punk shows, too free-form for garage rock, too genre-defiant for rock & roll, persevering on their own path, which may make pit-stops at any given corner of the musical spectrum should it suit their collective mood. The sound of The Pinheads is a mosaic of their collective tastes–built on the foundations of their heroes, a work of art in it sown right.