When you hear the words Vermont and Anarchy what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Thats right modern rock fans, it’s those gin sippin’ punk aficionados Bodyjar!! If you’ve spent any time ridin’ skateboards or sniffin’ glue over the last 25 years your senses would not doubt have been aurally assaulted by the sheer melodic mastery of tracks such as Not The Same & One In A Million. Whitehorse City Council are so enamored with Bodyjar that they have commissioned an 80ft gold plated statue of the band to be erected on the top of Vermont South shopping Centre which will henceforth be known as ‘Bodyjar Plaza’. Bodyjar have one less guitarist than the Foo Fighters but write much better songs… do the math……..

To survive for more than 25 years as not only a critically acclaimed but also popular international live touring act takes more than good luck…it also takes determination, integrity and a knack for writing great songs. New Rituals is the 7th LP for Australian punk legends Bodyjar & was written and recorded during 2020/1’s lockdown periods at Melbourne’s Holes & Corners studio?? The LP was mixed by American Steve Evetts (Poison the Well, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Sepultura, Saves the Day) & sonically harks back to the bands most successful LP to date How it Works.

Following the release of their 2022 album ‘New Rituals’, Bodyjar also celebrated 25 years of album ‘No Touch Red’ in 2023 and continue to smash through sold out Australian tours with their world renowned live shows.