Dan Sultan

Dan Sultan is a multifaceted, multi award winning musician, writer, performer and Artist.

Along with many records spanning an abundance of different genres and styles, he’s also an accomplished author as well as trying his hand at acting.

Receiving a total of 6 ARIA Awards to date including Best Artist, he also boasts an array of many other accolades over a timespan of more than a decade that showcase his diverse and ever evolving career.

Work to date.


2006 – Homemade Biscuits

2009 – Get Out While You Can

2014 – Blackbird

2014 – Dirty Ground EP

2015 – Open Live

2017 – KILLER

2018 – KILLER Under a Blood Moon

2019 – NALI and Friends

2019 – Aviary Takes

2021 – Tarred & Feathered (single)


2009 – Bran Nue Dae


2019 – NALI

2019 – BWINDI