Mitch Santiago

Mitch Santiago is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist from Perth, Australia.

At nine years old, Mitch found a guitar on the side of the road, put some strings on it, and started playing it every day. His passion for music was ignited and he taught himself to play using the free thirty minutes a day on the trial version of App Yousician. That was until his tenth birthday when Mitch got the present he was hoping for, his parents bought him guitar lessons, something he has been doing ever since, for the last five years.

From learning the guitar, Mitch started busking and performing around Perth, with his parents becoming his Managers, Roadies, Booking Agents and Taxi. Mitch then added drums, bass, piano, pan flute, mandolin, and harmonica to his ever-growing self-taught repertoire. “I’ve sort of got like an ear for things, maybe from when I learnt the Viola for a few years when I was 7.”

Very soon Mitch’s bedroom was so full of instruments and music gear that he could barely walk around the room, creating the need for him to set up a home studio in the Granny flat of his house. It is here where Mitch spends most of his time; jamming, song writing, recording, and producing.

Finding inspiration across a variety of artists and genres Mitch loves to experiment with instrumentation and production when creating his music, he shares, “You take bits and pieces from here and there, the melody might be more psych/rock, can chuck in a jazz lick or a blues lick, drums can be rap inspired. It’s not just a particular Artist or genre that inspires me, it’s actually a lot deeper than just that.”

Continually working on his music and artistry while completing his schooling has been challenging at times but as Mitch explains, “My parents are really supportive, I probably missed the equivalent to a Term of school last year. They still want me to graduate year 12 next year, but they know music is first, and homework is after,” Mitch explains.

In 2020 Mitch self-released the song ‘Falling’ which he wrote, performed and produced himself, with the track gaining over 1 million streams and counting. “I’ve had times where the room has been completely full of a couple hundred people, and at least fifty people or more are singing the words to ‘Falling’, that’s pretty cool, Mitch shares, “I love playing LIVE, that’s the main inspiration for me to keep playing,”

This year Mitch will be releasing new music and has plans for a national tour mid-year.

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