Jack Botts

Stringing together all the right elements for a stunning debut record – the warm embrace of Jack’s familial acoustic goodness, the stirring introduction of new writing styles into the mix, and his most grippingly personal lyrics to date – Sucker For Sunsets is an all-round elevated Jack Botts experience.

Nearing breaking point in a pressure-cooker handful of years, the album was Jack’s vessel for self reflection and discovery. Moments of pain and doubt are cleverly peppered between songs of summer days, long drives and loved ones, and it’s this straddling between the easy-going and the difficult elements of life that makes the record as poignant as it is.

Overall, Sucker For Sunsets is a reminder that life isn’t always sunsets and perfect surf, but when we are given those moments we should be grateful. While nothing is guaranteed to us, Jack prompts his listener to truly soak in and appreciate the sunny days.