Little Green

Nomadic singer songwriter, Little Green, delivers her new single ‘iridescent ghosts’, a spellbinding cautionary tale of how fragile our existence on earth is.

Growing up in the Blue Mountains, Little Green developed a sense of storytelling and musicality inspired by the nature around her. Self-taught on flute, sax, guitar, piano, bass, and voice, she has used her talents to create a charmingly childlike musical world.

‘iridescent ghosts‘ is the follow up single to her 2021 releases ‘The Night’ EP, ‘dreambird’ EP, lo-fi collaboration ‘feather light’ and the book soundtrack to Lisa Leong’s ‘This Working Life’.

Little Green explains;
“I was having a bit of a lockdown-inspired existential crisis when I wrote ‘iridescent ghosts’ thinking about the idea of oblivion. The thought is scary at first, but then knowing everything will end one day became pretty liberating. I hope people feel free when they hear this song.”

Recorded with Byron Bay Artist and Producer Garrett Kato in his home studio, Little Green and Garrett nurtured ‘iridescent ghosts’ to life. “I was determined to put flute in the song, but it wasn’t working. Then Garrett suggested playing a similar part but on the saxophone. I love it because I think if ghosts could talk, they would sound like haunting saxophones.”

Little Green is also making a name for herself on the live stage. Having supported Charlie Collins, Budjerah, John Floreani and Wafia, 2022 is set to be a breakout year for this songwriter on the rise.