Lotte Gallagher

Impressing triple j tastemakers and earning a coveted top-five finalist spot in their Unearthed High 2023 competition, 17-year-old singer/songwriter Lotte Gallagher is a stand-out talent amongst the country’s next generation of alt-rock stars.

An artistic soul with an air of blasé vengeance, Lotte’s sound is reminiscent of genre leaders Phoebe Bridgers, Angie McMahon and Courtney Barnett. A student at Northcote High, Lotte has immersed herself in art and music classes, fueling the creativity in her instrumentation and striking mature lyricism, as well as direction of her own visuals. Surrounded by music throughout her childhood, Lotte’s parents served as both inspirations and teachers while she found her passion for guitar and singing. Fully supporting her, in recent years they sold their second car to afford her studio time with a producer.

With her too-cool-but-I-care-too-much attitude, Lotte Gallagher is a force to be reckoned with – a phenomenal artist with the drive to become a true star of her generation.

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