ISHAN is a 20-year-old Melbourne-based singer-songwriter with a rich tapestry of Indian, Swiss, and Spanish heritage. Born in France and relocating to Australia at a young age, ISHAN discovered his passion for music early, picking up a guitar at 7 and venturing into songwriting at 15 while recovering from spinal fusion surgery. His diverse background and exposure to various cultures and languages have profoundly influenced his musical and storytelling prowess.

After honing his skills and building a following through busking and live looping on Melbourne’s streets and sharing his performances online, ISHAN’s debut EP ‘The Cycle Of Codependence’ released in November 2023, garnered attention from industry tastemakers like Rolling Stone, Triple J Unearthed, and Tone Deaf.

Since January 2024, his social media presence has exploded, with unreleased tracks gaining 18 million views and an audience of 190,000 followers from across the globe.