South Summit

After a chance meeting at a backyard party and bonding over their diverse tastes in music it took some convincing to get all members of South Summit to join the band. Now one of Perth’s most talked about live bands, the 5 guys can’t imagine doing anything else.


Hidden away from the East Coast music scene – South Summit have created a truly unique sound, not influenced by what the rest of the country is doing.


Zaya [lead vocals], Josh [bass], Fynn [lead guitar], Nemo [backing vocal, rhythm guitar], and Nathan [drums] all come from culturally different backgrounds, have hugely different tastes in music but they all share a love of connecting with people through songs. They do it with family over backyard BBQs, festival stages and even a series of shows throughout WA prisons. South Summit love playing music together, they don’t follow the traditional music industry path and the buzz their live shows are receiving prove that fans are loving them too.


With a their new single, Givin’ It Up just around the corner and a new National Tour to be announced, 2024 will be the year of South Summit.


Not bad for 5 mates from Perth.