Hooligan Hefs

Hefs may project a hardcore image, but he’s really about the party. While growing a strong following he has managed to maintain a high level of mystique, becoming recognisable for his motto, “Tell ‘em I’m doing eetswa.”

His hi-NRG singles, ‘The Party’, ‘No Effect’ and ‘IYKYK (They Know Who)’ have racked up more than 8.2M streams on Spotify alone after being released independently across the past few months. Not only that, but his video for ‘Off Guard (Freestyle)’ #1 on YouTube shortly after its release and now holds more than 1M views – pretty impressive for an independent/unsigned 21-year-old. In an interview with Filterzine he shared, “I’m trying to do rap and techno, EDM, dubstep – all of that. Hopefully, this is the new Australian sound.”