The Grogans

Genre-expanding outfit The Grogans are a trio of best friends from Melbourne who explore nuanced manoeuvres in surf, punk, blues, garage, psych, rockabilly and reggae. Banding together in high school playing backyard gigs and weekly jam nights, seasoned musicians Quin Grunden, Angus Vasic and Jordan Lewis shared their first official release Cacteyed in the summer of ‘16. The EP’s instantaneous and lasting reception was matched by the band’s playful successor Twangs n’ Cans the following year. Their third EP Grogan Grove (2018) featured the outfit’s still lauded live favourite ‘Lemon To My Lime’ which has now clocked over four million Spotify streams and subsequently catapulted The Grogans to the top of the nation’s ones-to-watch list. That same summer, the boys kicked off their first national headline tour including festival slots at Melbourne Music Week’s CIVIC SOUNDS and NinchFest. Cutting the ribbon on their debut album Just What You Want, 2019 saw the band perform at Loch Hart Music Festival and sell out multiple venues across Australia. In the year following, The Grogans dropped their self-recorded and mixed magnum opus Day / To / Day resulting in a completely sold out National AUS Tour. Following this album, the band released their third LP ‘Which Way Is Out’, featuring singles ‘Just A Kid’, ‘Be Your Man’, ‘Inside My Mind’ & ‘No Thanks (I’m Going Surfing)’. Through this release the band sold out shows around AUS including Corner Hotel in Melbourne.