Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers

The music of TEEN JESUS AND THE JEAN TEASERS is a pure balance of emotion and conscious observations of the world around them.

Punk-rock music packed with heart and wit – it’s this combination of energy and musicianship that has made TEEN JESUS AND THE JEAN TEASERS one of Australia’s most exciting sets of voices.

Demonstrating their evolution across an impressive string of releases and performances around the country since their 2019 debut, TEEN JESUS AND THE JEAN TEASERS embrace 2023 with the release of their highly anticipated debut studio record, I LOVE YOU.

Their first collection of material since 2022’s Pretty Good For A Girl Band EP, this debut album combines the band’s formative experiences with a renewed and refocused creative direction. Shedding any pressures they’d previously put on themselves to exceed the expectations of anyone else outside their circle, TEEN JESUS AND THE JEAN TEASERS express confidence and trust in not just the creative process, but each other, with beautiful strength.

I LOVE YOU sees all members of TEEN JESUS AND THE JEAN TEASERS take lead songwriting duties at varying points of the record, positioning it as a perfect statement of intent. Where their debut EP introduced listeners to the band’s potential, I LOVE YOU is definitive: TEEN JESUS AND THE JEAN TEASERS are more than the Australian music industry buzz has hinted towards. They are pure joy, rage, and euphoria, delivered with precision and heart.