Vinnie Brigante

Not many people can say that their first time singing publicly was in front of 30,000

people, but for Vinnie Brigante, this was true. How did this happen? Vinnie, a 20-

year-old Melbourne-based barber, held up a sign at Zach Bryan’s one and only

Australian show at Flemington Racecourse in December of 2023 asking to play

Bryan’s song ‘Heading South’ with him. Out of 30,000 punters, Bryan saw Vinnie, and

invited him up on stage. To everyone’s shock, including Vinnie, his friends, and family,

he could actually sing. The next day, a video from the night went viral on TikTok, and

Vinnie was asked to appear on Channel 7’s Sunrise. Fast forward to Vinnie

discovering his hidden talent, he has since been honing his craft, writing, and

recording music and is excited to share it with the world in 2024.