Ziggy Alberts

Ziggy Alberts, an Australian singer-songwriter and author, has captivated audiences worldwide with his authentic lyrics, folk-pop melodies and an upbeat energy that shines in his solo-act, live performances.

Alberts has firmly established himself as a leading Australian independent artist through his compelling grassroots journey, culminating in forming his independent label, Commonfolk Records; and book publishing house, Commonfolk Publishing. Ziggy’s narrative unfolds on his terms, reflected in his latest records, ‘searching for freedom’ and ‘DANCING IN THE DARK’ – testaments to his artistic growth and expressive lyrics showcasing global themes of adventure, courage and connection.

Live performances are central to Alberts’ artistry, and his recent 2023 ‘REWIND WORLD TOUR’ proves his commitment to creating a personal connection with his international audience. The enthusiasm and authenticity he brings to the stage solidifies his status as one of Australia’s most memorable live acts, driven by a passion for touring and dedication to fans around the globe.

Ziggy Alberts continues to earn critical acclaim with ‘Laps Around the Sun’ proudly ARIA Double Platinum Certified, while ‘Gone,’ ‘Runaway,’ ‘Heaven’, ‘Stronger’, ‘Love Me Now’, ‘Simple Things’, ‘Days In The Sun’ and ‘EP Four Feet In The Forest’ have achieved ARIA Platinum Certification. He has also received Gold Certifications for his ‘Laps Around The Sun’ album and a further six tracks in his catalogue. Alberts has also received an APRA Music Award for Most Performed Blues & Roots Work for his track ‘Letting Go’.

The 10th Anniversary re-release of ‘Made of Water (Deluxe)’ in 2023, celebrated Alberts’ remarkable evolution in grassroots songwriting, offering fans a nostalgic reminder of the humble beginnings that initially endeared them to his music. Alberts also received an ARIA award nomination for Best Blues and Roots Album in November 2023 for his work “DANCING IN THE DARK,” highlighting the expressively raw and honest maturity that defines his latest music.

2024 is shaping up to be a landmark year for Ziggy Alberts, fuelled by the momentum of his international touring, compelling storytelling abilities and continued authentic connection with his audience which defines his music.